Ubuntu with Gnome and Openbox

I've in my laptop computer Ubuntu 12.04.03 which stops by default with Unity.

I such as Unity, and also Gnome. It has a wonderful appearance, some wonderful applications, points regularly functions wonderful.

Nonetheless I would certainly favor to make use of Openbox. It is really light-weight, the 'context food selection' is superb, and more. Yet times Openbox draws, as an example, the wallpaper does not show up whatever I do, the backlight additionally isn't functioning, etc.

I read someplace that it is feasible to run openbox and also gnome with each other. My inquiry is: what are the benefits and drawbacks of doing this? In my laptop computer in GDM when I log making use of Gnome/Openbox appears that there is no distinction in between the standard Gnome setting. If I make use of openbox+gnome would certainly I have the ability to make use of the appropriate - switch computer mouse click context food selection?

2022-07-25 20:43:41
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As stated in the remarks, Unity is not Gnome. I have not directly had much good luck attempting to make use of non - unity window supervisors with vanilla Ubuntu ; if I were simply establishing a new system, I would certainly install and afterwards adhere to the

2022-07-25 22:01:21