How do I open a security van in GTA V?

It is very early days yet however in the spirit of open globe among the first points I've carried out in GTA V is pirate a protection van. For the life of me I can not exercise just how to get the squander of it.

I've attempted a shotgun on the doors (the free bullshot one from the Special Edition), kicking, punching and also equipment gunning. I've additionally attempted virtually every switch on the controller simply in instance it is something straightforward yet until now my vehicle is impervious.

I'm presently left asking yourself if I'm simply prematurely in the video game to be able to open the protection vehicles although it was highlighted by the video game as a "world event" (?) which would certainly recommend not.

I would certainly simply wait for later on yet you can not store these lorries in garages and also I would certainly despise to simply leave a vehicle packed with cash on the side of the roadway.

Can any person clarified just how to get involved in these points?

Edit: Other points I've currently tried:

  • Reversing right into structures at high (ish) rate
  • Driving off the large hillside behind the Vinewood indicator. Eliminated me yet really did not show up to open the vehicle
  • Driving right into the superficial lake at the north end of the tornado drainpipe. The vehicle was totally immersed and also once more really did not open

For reference my latest tale goal is no. 3 "Repossession".

2022-07-25 20:43:44
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Answers: 2

What I did was hijack an arbitrary auto, park it right up versus the rear of the vehicle, and also simply fire it till it takes off. I obtained like $7500!!

2022-07-25 21:04:09

It is really straightforward, obtain your shotgun and also fire in between both back entrances. After 4 or 5 shots, the doors will certainly pop open and also a brief-case will certainly go down to the ground. I have actually been obtaining various quantities, last time it was $20,000 in it after that if you have the polices after you shed them.

2022-07-25 20:58:55