Do any of the characters from GTA: San Andreas make an appearance in GTA 5?

I simply acquired Grand Theft Auto 5, and also I am expecting playing it. Yet I would certainly such as to recognize whether any one of the old personalities make a look in the new video game.

I recognize the new video game is based around new lead characters, yet do any one of the old personalities (such as Carl Johnson, The Truth, Sweet etc) make a look? If so, is it merely a cameo, or are they link right into the story?

2022-07-25 20:43:48
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The old and also the exist in different connections. Beyond feasible Easter eggs there possibly will not be any kind of straight looks.

With the exception of Lazlow. He remains in all the video games.

Modified to add

Finished the video game a few days ago and also no personalities from GTA: San Andrea make a straight look. There are personalities that look like several of the personalities from SA riding bikes, yet they are simply Easter eggs. Specifically considered that those personalities would certainly remain in their 40 is if it was in fact them.

2022-07-25 21:28:38