Make reading more comfortable for the eyes

First, I read the subjects concerning display screens. Regretfully the "BenQ FP241WZ" is a no go, for ~ 715 eur it is way way too much. I would certainly require some suggestions concerning just how can I make reviewing much less tiring.

Primarily I really did not have this trouble at that time. Today, I'm reviewing some publications, as well as additionally, need to read a whole lot a day. (A LOT). I resemble some hardcore 0 - 24 player when I "finish".

Think of points like. history shade (like I read 'dark yellow' shade+black color aids), typeface dimension, fonts (!) cleartype setups (should be off?) and more.

Display: BenQ E2200 HD (yeah economical, eek, etc Poor - male is LCD.) ยข My CRT display is away at the min. To make sure that runs out inquiry. Additionally, my ThinkPad is below (T500), yet I do not find out about it is display. It features 1280x800 resolution which is all I recognize (you can look back from that the FRU number, yet I could not find it currently).

What could I do? (Or primarily every person in such a scenario?)

2022-07-25 17:43:52
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