No HDMI Output to a TV from PS3

I have a TV and a monitor that are both HD. I have been switching both my PS3 and Xbox 360 between the two using HDMI ports successfully for the past 10 months. Last night my wife watched a Blu Ray movie disc while the PS3 was plugged into the TV. This morning, the TV no longer gets a signal through the HDMI port.

The HDMI port on the TV works: I can plug my 360 in and everything is fine. The HDMI port on the PS3 and the HDMI cable work: I can plug my PS3 into my monitor and all is well.

I can plug in the AV cables from the PS3 to the TV and that works. The only problem is connecting the PS3 to the TV using HDMI.

I have tried holding down the power button on the PS3 to automatically reset the output. The TV shows 'No Signal.'

I have tried plugging in the AV cable and the HDMI cable at the same time, switching the TV to AV, and then manually changing the output to HDMI. When I switch the TV to HDMI it shows 'No Signal'.

I have tried connecting the PS3 to my monitor using HDMI and manually changing the resolution (1080p, 1080i, 720, 480) and then tried plugging it into the TV. The TV shows 'No Signal.'

I have tried unplugging both the PS3 and the TV and then retrying all of the above steps. The TV shows 'No Signal.'

Does anyone have any other ideas?

EDIT : I had not unplugged the HDMI cord from last night when I tried this morning. I tried all three HDMI ports on the TV, none of them work.

2022-07-25 20:43:55
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