A way to find a flat area of the terrain before landing a delicate lander?

I have a convoy of ships in orbit around Duna, and also currently I require to select a place to land a kethane miner. The shuttle bus that will certainly shuttle the kethane to the orbiting terminal is large and also I am stressed that as it loads, it will certainly tip if it gets on an incline. Exists a means to inform just how level a location is prior to devoting to a touchdown?

I considered ISA Mapsat, yet it resembles it just offers a reduced resolution elevation map ; rough degree surface would certainly show up level. I attempted making use of a tiny wanderer, yet it relocated so gradually that it would certainly have taken hrs or days to clear out of the sloping location ; touchdown stabilized on the pointer of an optimal or in all-time low of a dip isn't an alternative due to the fact that I require to land 2 crafts near each various other.

2022-07-25 20:43:55
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After a pair rolling collisions and also an evenings rest, I assume I have a remedy: A blimp probe. It will certainly travel about simply over ground degree, and afterwards come down on a level place in a kethane area. After that I will certainly utilize it is works with as a target for landing the mining procedure.

That will clearly just work with earths with an ambience. For earths without an ambience, a feasible remedy would certainly be to turn down in an elliptical exerciser orbit to an exceptionally reduced elevation, with a pitch of 0°. I can take screenshots with the electronic camera encountering virtually flawlessly downwards, with the surface area works with revealing. After that I can assess the photos and also select an area with a spots to lead a really tiny pen probe down. If all works out, I land the mining procedure at the probe is works with. If it does not, I return the probe to the orbiter, refuel it, and also attempt once more.

2022-07-25 21:03:15