Visual Differences in Google Chrome

I simply conformed to Ubuntu the other day. The other day every little thing appeared to look penalty in regards to Google Chrome, yet today every little thing is all Windows - XP styled. Text boxes do not bulge, it resembles I returned in time to 2008. I assume I have to have transformed some setup.

What my Chrome resembles currently. (Please keep in mind the navigating bar and also it is level 1 - D look.

But this is what I'm made use of to. Any kind of means I can switch over back to this appearance?

2022-07-25 20:44:06
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Answers: 1

If I recognize that appropriately you are whining concerning the GTK+motif!? ;-)

Just open the setups of Chromium and also click the switch " Classic Theme " in the " Appearance " area. That need to transform this foolish " level 1 - D look " right into the wanted expensive - future - 2D look.

2022-07-25 22:03:56