Find a particular nesting of directory names, e.g. .../project/dir1/dir2

I'm having some concerns managing the find command ; I do not recognize the syntax for it quite possibly and also I require to utilize it in a manuscript to find a details directory framework that can be situated anywhere.

Primarily, I have a framework like "project/dir1/dir2" that I recognize will certainly constantly be specifically those 3 directory sites, with the very same names, because order. What might not coincide is just how deep this framework is nested ; as an example you can have:




Basically I require a basic means to situate the project/dir1/dir2 framework despite just how much deeply hidden it is.

This will certainly constantly get on Ubuntu. I thought of making use of situate, yet after that I would certainly need to assure that the situate db is constantly approximately day.

2022-07-25 20:44:10
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