What are the incentives of getting a job over other money-making activities?

I've seen my Sims appear to gain a whole lot even more cash when horticulture than they do at their day work. After grinding the numbers, I figured out this had not been simply an impression - relying on the plant of selection, a Sim can generate income a couple of times much faster with horticulture than they can at an access - degree day work with about the very same quantity of gamer initiative. If the gamer has time to commit to frequently revitalizing plants that have much shorter expanding cycles, a lot greater prices are conveniently feasible!

Certainly, the Sims do advance in their jobs therefore can gain even more cash with their day work. Yet, by the time that is attained, the gamer can equally as promptly have actually gotten to a degree where also greater - return reduced - initiative plants are readily available.

So, where is the actual motivation for the Sims to get a work? Is it simply an issue of gamer choice and also duty - play, or exist various other advantages in the video game is technicians that I'm simply not seeing yet?

2022-07-25 20:44:14
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The advantage to having a job is that you dont have to do so much gardening.

2022-07-25 21:01:54