Can State of Decay's XBox controller buttons be mapped to keyboard and/or mouse?

State of Decay is apparently in need of support for keyboard and also computer mouse. The majority of keyboard regulates job, yet I can not appear to locate the d - pad switch matchings.

I'm below to ask if any person recognizes of any kind of means I can map Xbox 360 controller switches to keyboard/mouse using some program or various other methods.

2022-07-25 20:44:32
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State of decay CAN be played with mouse and keyboard. All of the commands are mapped out, the game just acts as if you are playing with a controller. You must learn for yourself which button to press, but here is the list of keyboard controls, courtesy of halfbloodv on Youtube: (


Mouse Controls X / Y Axis Turns the Camera Left Click = Attacks or Fires and when held down it activates Emote mode Right Click = Activates Aim Weapon Mode / Surveys Area Middle Mouse Scroll / Up & Down Zoom for map / Changes Weapon / Cycles through inventory)

Keyboard Controls on Foot ESC = Brings up main Menu / Pause TAB = Opens Character Sheet & Inventory also Selects Next Page within a sheet W = Runs Ahead & Climbs Up Ladders S = Runs Back & Climbs Down Ladders A = Run Left D = Run Right E = Opens Doors interacts / search F = Uses an Item in your inventory / Throws firebombs e.t.c. M = Opens Map / Closes Map (left click selects waypoint, mouse wheel /up/down zooms in-out) R = Reload Weapon T = Activate / Deactivate Torch Left SHIFT = Sprints & Moves up & down ladders faster Left CTRL = Sneaks (Hold for 1 second to activate / Deactivate) Left CTRL = Whilst running can be used to slide) Space = Jumps

Hold Left Mouse and Press F = Drops Bag/Sack

Door Control ...never thought id be writing a guide for opening and closing doors.... To open and close a door quietly, simply hold left CTRL and press E To open a door quickly, simply hold left SHIFT and press E To break a door open simply gather momentum , keep holding left SHIFT and press E

Searching and Salvaging... To search an item of interest that's glowing white, simply press and hold the E key, once this is held down you will see the search has begun. You can speed up the search by keeping E held down and pressing left shift to begin searching faster, note this is nosier and may attract unwanted attention.

Once you have searched and you see your inventory on the left and the contents on the item you searched on the right, from here you can use WSAD to move to the selected item, then LEFT click to take and item, once clicked it should then move to your inventory on the left, if you want to put an item back, simply go to your inventory on the left side and RIGHT click to put it back.

You will also see this is a category view system and by default you are in ammo, simply press TAB inside here to take you to the next tab, weapons, first aid e.t.c....

If you want to radio help for whatever reason, simply press the E key on the item and then use LEFT click to activate.

Advanced Fighting Controls Shift & E = Performs Silent Kill (you have to be crouching, quiet and behind the enemy for this to work) This combination can also finish off an enemy who is laying on the ground.

Hold down shift then press left mouse click performs stronger attack

To add suppressor to the gun, make sure it's in your inventory and selected by using the mouse wheel, then simply press F to add to your weapon. Note some guns need certain silencers / compatibility mode.

When laying on the ground and your being eaten to death and it says press A repeatable to get up, "calmly" hold left RIGHT mouse button down as if you are going to do an EMOTE and repeatable press SPACE for your life! (press it very quickly like you're playing an old 80's game)

Controlling Car Right Mouse Click = Open drivers door W = Accelerate S = Brakes & Reverse (when car has stopped it turns to reverse) A & D = Left and Right E = Enter / Exit Car T = Activate/Deactivate Headlights on Car Q = Sound Horn / Siren Space = Hand Brake Space = When reversing this acts as a brake Note only the mouse moves Camera ((If your mouse is slow to move camera then you can change the speed within Windows by going to control panel / mouse))

When driving at speed, you can also jump out the car by pressing E

2022-07-25 21:13:12

You can install the by Th3DEAD to change most of the Xbox 360 controller buttons shown in the screen to their PC mouse/keyboard keys default equivalents. This should make learning the mouse/keyboard keys easier. I've listed the for reference, too.

Editing the default keybinds

You can edit the default keybinds of the game by extracting GameData.pak in the State of Decay\Game\ folder and then editing prototypeactionmap.xml in the State of Decay\Game\libs\config folder.

You can either extract the GameData.pak yourself, or download .

Download the extracted files of GameData.pak

If you're going to download the , extract the zip to your State of Decay\Game folder. Then go to the State of Decay\Game folder and rename "gamedata.pak" to "gamedata-backup.pak".

Extracting GameData.pak through QuickBMS GUI

If you're going to extract the files yourself, you are going to need an application called . Once it's downloaded, extract the two files to your desktop and install and launch Quick BMS.

Note: Extracting works for all PAK files.
At the top, click "Script File", then "Open" and select the script you extracted ( Click "Archive File" at the top and click "Open Archive", select the PAK file you want to extract - "gamedata.pak", which is in your State of Decay\Game folder. Click folders at the top and select "Output Folder", go to where you grabbed the "gamedata.pak" file (State of Decay\Game). At the bottom, click "Extract".

Then go to your State of Decay\Game folder and rename "gamedata.pak" to "gamedata-backup.pak".

Editing Keybinds

Go to the State of Decay\Game\libs\config folder, there will be a file called "prototypeactionmap.xml" - this is the file you want to edit with a text editor if you want to change keybindings.

Its pretty self explanatory, change the key to the new key you want and save.

Note: Editing the other file "defaultprofile.xml" will not do anything.


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