breadcrumbs good content and good HTML structure

I was doing some research on breadcrumbs an came across the following resources:

So Matt Cutts says that breadcumbs are new to SERPS in SEO, that was around 2010, but he gives the following advice:

  1. See that the breadcrumbs reflect the correct hierarchy of the website.
  2. Use delimiters (ahhhh .. for what ?? i am confused. )

And the secound article that I have linked of course is of most recent origin.

Well now coming to the difficulty I am facing , so I have been handed over a site, it does have breadcrumbs in it, now my question is going to be about the content and the HTML structure of the breadcrumbs.

The HTML of my breadcrumbs is as follows:

<div class="row bread">
                        <ol class="breadcrumb">
                            <li class="bre-1"><a href="lala.html">1-6 LTR<span></span></a></li>
                            <li class="bre-2"><a href="lala2.html">6-12 LTR <span></span></a></li>

Is that good HTML structure for the breadcrumbs (at this point I remember Matt said "delimeters are good" ..... where do I add it though?), in general, can I further optimize the HTML structure?

And now coming to the content of the breadcrumbs, suppose I have a site of shoes, what content do I use for the breadcrumbs, Technical lingo (eg shoes > 1-6 > 6) VS user readable lingo (eg. shoe-sizes > shoe-sizes 1-6 > shoe-size 6 ), my site seems to use the former, EVERYWHERE and my instinct says that thats horrible to do (smarty mentions in her article to keep the content on breadcrumbs user readable and not to go too much into adding keywords there ... I like this approach), problem is I have no evidance (I am a SEO newbie) to show my boss that doing eg shoes > 1-6 > 6 is BAD, so can somebody tell me, is using ONLY technical lingo bad?

To summarize I have two questions about breadcrumbs, i.e., is the HTML I have used easy for Google to identify as breadcumbs, also is the content that I currently have in my breadcrumb text of any good?

2022-07-25 20:44:35
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