Do you need Xbox Live Gold to play GTA V with Rockstar Social Club?

When I attempt to take a selfie in GTA V, or consider some leaderboards of some occasions, I get a caution that "Xbox Live is not readily available (or otherwise sustained) for your account". The weird point is, I have an Xbox Live account and also I am visited it, yet the video game still offers me the caution. Do I require to acquire Xbox Live Gold subscription to remove it, or am I doing glitch?

P.S. I do have actually affixed my Xbox 360 player tag to my Social Club account.

2022-07-25 20:44:39
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In order to make use of any kind of item of Xbox Live is posting solution, you have to have an Xbox Live Gold Account. It practically drops under the Multiplayer facet, regarding I recognize Silver Accounts are just permitted to acquire video games over Live is Marketplace, Send Messages, and also at one point they were permitted to sign up with Parties yet I am not exactly sure that this holds true.

Long Answer Short, Yes.

You require Gold for the leaderboards also. Anything that calls for the cloud conserve storage space requires a Gold registration, to make sure that consists of Snapmatic images and also the iFruit application. You can educate Chop and also order customisations on your iPhone/iPod yet unless you have a registration the video game will not load them.

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2022-07-25 22:50:52