How do I download Minecraft 1.6.4?

I attempted attaching to a web server today yet it claimed "outdated client". I recognize that that suggests I need to get Minecraft 1.6.4 yet I have no idea just how to do it. I attempted obtaining it on yet I could not locate it. Please inform me just how to download it and also utilize it.

2022-07-25 20:44:46
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The launcher will instantly upgrade Minecraft to the most up to date variation when you click Play unless you have actually mistakenly informed the launcher not to. If the switch claims Play and also lower - right of the launcher claims

Welcome, [username] ¢ Ready to play Minecraft 1.6.2

Then you have actually in some way informed Minecraft to never ever upgrade previous 1.6.2. The good news is, this is very easy to deal with.

Why is this taking place?

The launcher has a Use variation setup in your account which it makes use of to determine what variation of Minecraft to download and install and also release. By default it is readied to "Use Latest Version", which suggests it will certainly constantly look for updates and also install them if it locates any kind of. If it is rather readied to a details variation of Minecraft, it will certainly never ever attempt to upgrade to anything else.

In some way, your account has this alternative readied to 1.6.2, and also the launcher is dutifully adhering to the launch orders it is being offered.

This can additionally take place if you have actually modded Minecraft and also have actually set up the account to release the modded variation. (Forge is installer establish such an account for you instantly.) in this instance, not upgrading is due to the fact that "a modded version" is a details variation of Minecraft. Forge establishes the account in this manner purposefully given that an upgrade will certainly eliminate Forge and also disable your mods, which is not generally something you desire the launcher to do to your meticulously - modded video game when Mojang launches an upgrade.

Upgrading to the most up to date variation

You can transform the Use variation alternative by clicking the Edit Profile switch in the lower left of the launcher. Set it to "Use Latest Version" and afterwards click Save Profile . The account editing and enhancing window will certainly close and also currently in the lower right the launcher need to claim

Welcome [username] ¢ Ready to download and install & play Minecraft 1.6.4

If this does not take place or the large switch claims Play Offline you might not be on-line or Mojang is web servers might be having problem. See to it you have a functioning Internet link and also double - check that . If their web servers aren't functioning right, you'll simply need to wait till they are back on-line and also can offer your upgrade demand effectively once more.

I see "release 1.6.4 " because alternative. Why pass by that?

You can additionally set this to "release 1.6.4 " to complete the very same point in the meantime. You'll get the very same trouble next time Minecraft updates, however. Unless you recognize what you are doing, do not set this to anything apart from "Use Latest Version".

2022-07-25 21:09:05