XBox 360 RCA Speaker volume

I have my XBox 360 attached to my PC Monitor using HDMI. The trouble is that my Acer S240HL display does not have any kind of audio result of any kind of kind.

I have actually currently drawn the casing off of the initial composite adapter, hence I can connect both HDMI and also composite at the very same time (with a little tape to obstruct the video clip circuit) I additionally have an adapter which transforms both male RCA sound results to a solitary women 3.5mm earphone outlet.

This arrangement allows me to connect headphones/pc audio speakers to the xbox.

My trouble is that the quantity of the audio is also reduced to be useful.

I am rather certain that some (all?) Turtle Beach versions can make use of the RCA audio result with an and also probably they function. So is it that the adapter is various from the typical composite adapter that I am making use of, or that the earphones give their very own boosting.

If it is the last, what can I add to my arrangement to intensify the result without needing to invest a lot of money?

Exists some less complicated means to get the audio to my pc audio speakers?

If boosting is the only means, ? (I picture attaching something similar to this in between the RCA results and also my earphones RCA - > amp - > RCA adapter - > Headphones)

2022-07-25 20:44:47
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So I've attempted a couple of points and also obtained the audio working at an appropriate degree.

Basically, boosting is called for

I located an intriguing inquiry, and also really thorough solution over on The solution speaks about a Java application called .

With the aid of the overview in the abovementioned solution, I procured sound at an useful quantity (though with a recognizable hiss) by attaching the RCA out from the Xbox straight to the line know my audio card (using an RCA to 3.5mm jack adapter).

The audio degree from software program boosting alone is only simply useful, so I determined to gamble on an RCA Pre - Amp.

I located , made for usage as a pre - amp for turntables, and also it was well worth the threat.

One end is attached to the RCA result on the Xbox and also the various other attaches straight to my computer audio speakers. This arrangement calls for quantity control on audio speakers and also the quantity is not mosting likely to divide any kind of ears, yet it is great for me.

Additionally, the mix of Pre - Amp and also Audio Compressor & Limiter need to extend my audio speakers to their restrictions.

I wish this aids a person

2022-07-25 22:10:27