Debian cannot SSH to OS X by hostname (Windows OK)

I've seen some inquiries asking why xxx can not connect to MyMacName.local, which address pertaining to Avahi as a need.

I do not assume I remain in the very same group as I can efficiently connect to a Windows equipment without requiring to do anything on my Debian one.

I have the ability to SSH right into both Windows and also Mac using IP address, yet the Mac just using IP.

Does something require to transform on the Mac side or the Debian host?


  • Debian can connect to Windows using hostname
  • Windows can connect to Debian using hostname
  • Debian can not connect to OS X using hostname
  • OS X can not connect to Debian using hostname

All can connect per various other using IP

2022-07-25 20:45:08
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Proper hostname connection depends on DNS. If your debian box is up 24/7 you could setup and turn it into your default DNS. Actually along with make quite a great & secure combination, supporting DNSSEC and allowing you to configure your local network in a much more slick way :-)

2022-07-25 21:59:00