How is network mounted software executed?

I would love to recognize just how network placed software program jobs. As an example, at my workplace, we have a software program web server. Each customer equipment (thousands of them) instantly places directory sites from the software program web server on boot. As an example, a program like Matlab is mounted simply as soon as on the software program web server, yet each customer equipment can start up an instance of Matlab.

What is taking place under the hood?

Allow is claim I run /opt/bin/matlab and also /opt/ is placed from the software program web server, what takes place when I push Enter to execute Matlab on a customer equipment? The procedure gets on the customer equipment, and also I've currently limited that there isn't any kind of implied or surprise documents transfer (i.e. duplicating Matlab to my equipment momentarily for that session) by running Matlab on a computer system with virtually absolutely no disk room (i.e. not nearly enough area to move).

  • Given that Matlab was mounted on the web server, just how is my customer computer system implementing it?
  • What device is regulating this?
  • What is taking place behind the scenes?
2022-07-25 20:45:12
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