How does the garage system work in GTA V?

How does the garage system in GTA V function? It really feels kinda irregular presently

  • Will the auto I leave at my residence garage be conserved or will it constantly be changed with the "Standard - Car" from the personality?
  • Just how do the added garages function?
  • If I have auto and also song it (- - > investing much cash right into) and afterwards I make use of and also shed it heading (as an example if I need to go after a person walking) will it be shed for life ??


  • Whats the factor of the depot where you can get some autos back? On what does it depend that an auto will be saved there?
2022-07-25 20:45:20
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If you park an auto in the garage, it will certainly be conserved there. Your typical auto will certainly constantly be readily available neighboring if it is not in the garage. Car park in the garage will certainly conserve that auto and also you can access there unless you left it elsewhere.

Extracted from the manual:

Player personalities can possess any kind of lorry in [GTA V] as long they have ideal storage space for it. To acquire a new auto they have to first possess a garage If a lorry is damaged it will certainly re-emerge at any kind of property that the personality possesses with a garage (note that this does not include secure residences). If a possessed lorry is shed, swiped or deserted, it will certainly be penned. To fetch penned lorries the personality have to pay a locate of $250 and also accumulate the lorry

2022-07-25 21:02:16

All cars can be stored in garages. The standard car will always reappear near the safehouse.

I had times where my stored car disappeared and got replaced by my standard car (both Michael and Franklin). Of course, there is a possibility this was because a mission replaced said car early in the game, or I genuinely forgot the car somewhere else (hopefully the latter of the two).

The garages not tied to the safehouses work the same way, but you are able to access a special car (I have Special Edition, but this is likely for every version of the game).

Air fields should work the same way, unless they work like helipads (can be tested with another plane). Helipads MIGHT be able to store more than one helicopter. I am not sure of this.

After the IAA abduction mission, I flew back to Trevor's airfield/helipad storage area with the Frogger helicopter from said mission. I landed nearby, since the spot was already taken by another Frogger, however, before this mission, the helipad was empty: this was my first time flying a helicopter.

Going near the helipad, the game gave me the option to "switch helicopters" with the right DPad, however, the only choice available was the Frogger. This got rid of my other Frogger, right before my eyes.

I flew around with the spawned Frogger and came back, to see a completely different Frogger spawn. So I think that option was to set which one spawned. No other garage so far has given me that option, and I do not know how to add more helicopters to the spawning option.

2022-07-25 21:01:21