What exactly is a tensor product?

This is a newbie is inquiry on what specifically is a tensor item, in nonprofessionals is term, for a newbie that has actually simply found out standard team concept and also standard ring concept.

I do recognize from wikipedia that in many cases, the tensor item is an external item, which takes 2 vectors, claim $\textbf{u}$ and also $\textbf{v}$, and also outputs a matrix $\textbf{uv}^T$. ($\textbf{u}$ being a $m\times 1$ column vector and also $\textbf{v}$ being a $n\times 1$ column vector)

How around extra basic instances of tensor products, as an example in the context of quantum groups?

Honest many thanks.

2022-07-25 20:45:20
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