best programming language for I/O intensive tasks

I require to refine "big data" (virtually 1TB which can be separated right into smaller sized portions). Take into consideration numerous shows languages (Java, Python, C+npls, Perl) and also various other scripting alternatives (Perl, awk, sed, etc), just how do/would they contrast in efficiency in the adhering to cases:

  1. The information remain in files, I simply require to read them in and also refine them
  2. The information remain in Oracle web server, I require to bring them from Oracle, procedure and afterwards placed them back to Oracle

The language is syntactical intricacy (i.e. just how tough it is to find out or program) is not actually vital for my jobs. The major inquiry is whether one is far better than an additional at doing I/Os.

2022-07-25 20:46:03
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