Clicking on thunderbird notifications does not focus client

I get thunderbird popup alerts in Awesome Window Manager that when clicked, are intended to concentrate the message to which the alert matches.

Nonetheless, this does not operate in awesome when thunderbird gets on an additional tag.

So, to make clear, clicking the T - bird alert need to switch over to the tag where T - bird is running, and also emphasis T - bird.

Any person recognize if this can be made to function?

% awesome --version && thunderbird --version && cat /etc/issue 2>&1
awesome v3.5.1 (Ruby Tuesday)
 • Build: Sep 12 2013 20:14:11 for x86_64 by gcc version 4.8.1 ([email protected])
 • Compiled against Lua 5.2.2 (running with Lua 5.2)
 • D-Bus support: ✔

Thunderbird 24.0
Arch Linux \r (\l)
2022-07-25 20:46:07
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