Just how do I accumulate rocks in Dwarf Fortress?

Just how do I accumulate rocks etc that are laying concerning in passages I've dug in Dwarf Fortress?

2019-05-04 16:45:19
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Yet an additional alternative is to simply hide the rocks using d - > b - > h. This just does not present the rocks any longer, yet they are still there! Ideal made use of if you desire your citadel to look wonderful promptly, without creating any kind of work.

2019-05-17 07:05:22

Usually I make use of the quantum storage space method, with an atom smasher to clean up the mess, yet there are a few other methods:

  • To clean a storeroom, construct a catapult and also have it toss rocks at the wall surface. In this way you are additionally educating your siege driver. They can be a little bit foolish concerning where they get the rocks, yet generally they'll take the closest one.

  • Construct floorings where your rocks are, out of the very same sort of rocks. However this requires a little of micromanagement, as dwarves will certainly suspend a work as obstructed if the place has a rock in addition to it which is set aside for a various flooring square. Yet they'll still do a lot of them, and also you can return and also clean up the put on hold work later on.

  • If you agree to throw away some Z - room, construct your areas or passages by funneling, after that construct floorings, The rocks will certainly be up to the degree listed below, and also you'll have a wonderful tidy location. (You've currently obtained a room listed below with 2 rocks in it, yet it runs out the means.)

Bear in mind that if you have rocks significant for unloading, they will not be relocated by dwarves attempting to construct on the website.

2019-05-17 06:54:48

Designate a rock stockpile (p, s). Your dwarves will instantly relocate any kind of readily available rock to those.

2019-05-08 02:27:31

an additional method is making use of the quantum storage space trick/bug/cheat

first, create a 1x1 refuse area (i, relocate to were you desire it, Enter, Enter) and also mark it as garbage area.
Currently, you can select the location (any kind of dimension) to unload because area (d, b, d). All things picked in the location will certainly be carried right into that area.

currently, if you intend to redeem all the things in this area, you can do it by utilizing d, b, c, Enter, Enter exactly on that area

2019-05-08 01:16:21

Turn them right into rock blocks (given that a great deal of blocks will certainly enter into a solitary container in a storeroom which's much neater). Clearing up every rock takes a long period of time, yet you can clear particular locations making use of burrows :

  1. Designating a burrow over the location you intend to clear.
  2. Select a lowly mason that will certainly be your unique rock block manufacturer and also assign him to the burrow.
  3. Construct a mason's workshop inside the burrow.
  4. Make use of the accounts screen on the workshop to limit the dwarves that can function there to your picked mason. (You'll require to have a. supervisor for this.)
  5. Set make rock obstructs to duplicate!

Your lowly mason will dutifully deal with their organisation picking just rock from the burrow and also will instantly take breaks to sleep and also consume, so this is a rather low-maintenance method.

2019-05-08 01:09:19