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How can I get at the matches when using preg_replace in PHP?

I am attempting to order the uppercase of a number of words and also cover them in period tags. I am making use of preg_replace for extract and also covering objectives, yet it's not outputting anything. preg_replace("/[A-Z]/", "<span class=\"initial\">$1</span>", $str)
2019-05-03 14:48:40

Apple Wireless (aluminium) Keyboard on Windows

I have an apple cordless keyboard which I am making use of with my windows computer and also it functions outstandingly, and also looks fantastic. All of it attaches great (specifically with a blinked dbt-120). Nonetheless, I have not had wonderful success with obtaining all those valuable keys to collaborate with the Fn key. I've been making us...
2019-05-03 14:47:40

Booting Linux off USB pendrives

Starting a Linux system off USB Pendrives is just one of my favored points. On a laptop we have the adhering to benefits, The Harddisk can be closure which lowers power intake (hdparm) The system warms minimal and also the followers are caused much less regularly The system can take even more shocks (a rough rear seat taxi flight) With old w...
2019-05-03 14:46:40

How do I transfer my iPhone and iTunes application to another computer?

I have my iPhone and also iTunes set up on a details computer system yet intend to move this to an additional computer system. Do I simply install iTunes on the new computer system and also simply sync my iPhone and so on. or exists anything unique I need to do?
2019-05-03 14:45:40

Unload a COM control when working in VB6 IDE

Component of my day-to-day job is keeping and also expanding heritage VB6 applications. An usual engine is created in C/C++ and also VB6 makes use of these features in order to boost efficiency. When it involves asynchronous shows, a C user interface is not nearly enough and also we rely upon COM controls to fire occasions to VB6. My trouble is...
2019-05-03 14:44:40

Is it possible to do a one way sync of iPhone voice memo's to a PC?

I've been a wonderful iPhone fan from the first day and also do not perhaps see me ever before switching over back to an additional mobile system. There's simply one large disadvantage from my point of view, which is iTunes. I despise the user interface, responsiveness and also the substantial quantity of constraints. I desire full control over...
2019-05-03 14:43:40

Where is Google Chrome Crash Dump Located?

I am going Google Chrome, on Windows XP. Occasionally it collapsed, and also I need to know where the crash dump lies, simply for enjoyable.
2019-05-03 14:39:57

iPhone app in landscape mode, 2008 systems

Keep in mind: this inquiry is from 2008 and also currently is of just historical passion. What's the most effective means to create an iPhone application that runs in landscape setting from the beginning, no matter the placement of the tool? Both programmatically and also making use of the Interface Builder.
2019-05-03 14:39:04

WinForms ComboBox data binding gotcha

Think you are doing something like the adhering to List<string> myitems = new List<string> { "Item 1", "Item 2", "Item 3" }; ComboBox box = new ComboBox(); box.DataSource = myitems; ComboBox box2 = new ComboBox(); box2.DataSource = myitems So currently we have 2 combination...
2019-05-03 14:39:03

Connecting 2 External Monitors to a Laptop?

Amounting To 3 Displays Total (or 2, if the laptop display can not be made use of). I operate at residence on 2 huge displays, yet at the workplace on a laptop with a solitary huge display. Is it feasible to attach 2 (or even more?) exterior displays to a laptop without having them duplicate each-others display?
2019-05-03 14:38:21

How can I take a screenshot of the login screen in Mac OS X?

So just how does one deal with doing this? Since yet, Google has actually shown up no valuable solutions for me, although I might yet get fortunate. MODIFY: This would certainly require to be done making use of simply the one Mac, not making use of a remote login, although making use of the Terminal in any kind of style is well within my capacit...
2019-05-03 14:31:33

How can I get a new browser session when opening a new tab or window on Firefox/Chrome?

When opening up new Internet Explorer window, a new browser session is released. Consequently you can login with 2 various accounts on the very same solution (allow's claim Gmail). The very same does not use when opening up a new tab in the very same window in Internet Explorer. Just how can I get a new browser session when opening up a new tab ...
2019-05-03 14:31:33