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Create and also disperse printers

Is there a means to create a printer on an equipment. After that dress the Printer package and also create an installer from it for numerous customers at an area. To stay clear of needing to clarify per customer just how to install a network printer? This is just one of those venture concerns. (10.6 especially ... at the very least for the next...
2019-12-06 14:37:48

[MySQL Server ] MySQL Workbench can not locate my.cnf on (tidy installment of) Snow Leopard

I have a tidy installment of Snow Leopard on a MacBook and also I intend to get a MySQL Server working on it. I downloaded and install and also mounted the.dmg documents given by the homepage of MySQL and also mounted it. I did not yet attempt to start the server. I mounted Workbench and also configured it to localhost (typical setups). Currentl...
2019-12-04 01:03:01

How to watch male web pages in an internet browser?

Which.conf documents do I require to modify in order to watch man web pages in an internet browser? I would certainly such as to make use of Google Chrome to do this. Is this feasible?
2019-12-03 06:36:40

How can I recognize where does an application situate its configuration documents?

Just how can I recognize where does an application situate its configuration documents such as in ~, /Library, ~/Library etc, apart from surfing and also presuming? I suggest exists some command like findfiles that publishes them out or something?
2019-12-03 06:13:05

How do I transform GNU Screen is meta - key to Cmd - a?

GNU Screen is default meta - key is Ctrl - a, which is actually bothersome for me due to the fact that I regularly make use of Ctrl - a and also Ctrl - e to relocate the arrow to the start or end of the line. I would certainly favor to transform this to Cmd - a rather. I recognize this can be transformed in my .screenrc documents, yet just how...
2019-12-02 01:51:57

Is this feasible to boost boot time?

Exists a means to increase the boot procedure? Can we disable some (hardly ever made use of or otherwise valuable) solutions?
2019-05-23 17:35:30

Most programs do not make use of proxy

To get net in my college I need to make use of the colleges http proxy web server. So I configured my network choices to make use of the proxy. Yet virtually no program appears to approve that configuration and also make use of the proxy. In Firefox I can aid myself with establishing FF itself to a proxy link. Yet what do I perform with all my v...
2019-05-23 16:37:02