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Where did the ~/ Library folder enter Lion?

I simply mounted Lion, and also I can not locate the Library folder in my customer folder. Does the folder no more exist? If it does not, where are my choices? If it does, just how do I reach it?
2019-12-06 14:37:30

What little point in Lion makes you grin or has captured you unsuspecting?

I would love to ask for an area to detail some little points that stun you concerning Lion. There are numerous write-ups and also checklists of all the new attributes with details overload, I prefer to concentrate this place of the website on little thrills with a note why it makes a distinction to you . Please one subject per solution , thi...
2019-12-06 14:36:22

How do individuals that lately acquired a Macbook Pro get the free upgrade to Lion?

When I acquired my Macbook Pro I was informed that when Lion appeared I can get the upgrade absolutely free. Just how do I deal with doing this? I've looked the internet site thoroughly and also can not locate details on this.
2019-12-06 14:34:52

Lion - automated documents versioning - information

Can any person clarify some information concerning just how is applied the automated documents versioning in the Lion? It is clear for any kind of documents? (as an example, for documents developed in the with covering command like ls >file.txt and also ls -l > file.txt mean than the file.txt obtained versioning?, o...
2019-12-06 14:29:38

How do I protect against record sneak peek over slow-moving links?

Occasionally I need to persuade a 3G network, which is practical, till I place a documents system beyond of the globe. When that takes place OSX attempts to show me "previews" of each and every single record in the finder, a procedure which takes for life due to the fact that it generally attempts to download and install the whole rec...
2019-12-06 13:56:46

Is Mission Control an enhancement to Exposé & Spaces UI or a substitute?

Lion has Mission Control that incorporates attributes from both Exposé and also Spaces. Do the old Exposé and also Spaces UIs still exist in Lion or does Mission Control change them? I've listened to combined reports concerning whether Spaces/Expos é exists or otherwise ; and also all the YouTube et al. videos/reports focus on including the Mis...
2019-12-05 17:15:17

Keyboard remapping in Lion?

I've made use of keyremap4macbook for the last couple of years to transform the appropriate Alt key right into an onward delete. However, the device has actually quit working in Lion. Does any person recognize of a keyboard remapper that currently operates in Lion?
2019-12-05 03:34:52

Will updating to Lion increase performance and also responsiveness?

I bear in mind going from Leopard to Snow Leopard was a massive performance increase. Mosting likely to Lion, is it mosting likely to hold true? Read numerous testimonials yet none reviewed this (several reviewed motions and also goal control, etc). I'm running Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz with 4GB RAM and also Nvidia GeForce 9400. Late 2008 Macbook uni...
2019-12-05 03:34:34

I simply mounted Lion, and also currently I'm holding on start-up. What failed?

I acquired Lion from the Mac App Store and also mounted it on my mid - 2009 - period MacBook Pro. The installation went efficiently and also the computer system reactivated itself on time. I listened to the start-up sound, saw the Apple logo design and also the spinny point ... and afterwards it resorted to this : I allow it hang like that fo...
2019-12-05 03:33:49

Will iWork '08 assistance autosave and also variations?

Will iWork '08 job assistance autosave and also variations? I actually just make use of iWork like two times a year, and also do not seem like acquiring a new one. EDIT : Wait! It sustains application resume though! Yay! Does all application assistance application resume by default?
2019-12-05 03:33:42

How can I make Vuze collaborate with Lion? (It can not move any kind of information)

I'm having a little problem with Vuze after mounting 10.7 (and also the JRE.) Vuze can connect to seeds and also peers, yet no information will certainly move! That makes it a little bit pointless. Until now I have actually attempted : Running Vuze as origin Switching to the 32 little bit JRE Trying the Vuze beta Attempting to run ...
2019-12-05 03:33:33

Can I transform just how usually Lion is "Versions" attribute conserves documents?

Is it feasible to transform Versions' conserve regularity? For some sort of job, one hr deserves of job is way too much to shed!
2019-12-05 03:33:11

All of my Adobe CS4 applications beachball in Lion and also will certainly not go for all

I updated my laptop computer to Lion last evening. I determined to not update my Mac Pro yet in instance I faced concerns. Become a sensible action, due to the fact that while points went efficiently essentially, I did face a trouble that is sort of a show stopper for a person that operates in internet growth. I have CS4 Web Premium mounted (Fl...
2019-12-05 03:32:59

What is the upper restriction of Spaces in Lion?

10.5 and also 10.6 minimal customers to a maximum of 16 spaces. Given that Lion is room user interface is a solitary (probably scrollable) row, exists a ceiling on the variety of Spaces? Yes, I locate myself requiring greater than 16 Spaces, regularly.
2019-12-05 03:32:53

Lion Mail 5.0 denies a POP web server. Seeking verification and/or workarounds

Has any person else seasoned troubles logging right into POP web servers that call for simple message password login? Or extra notably located a job around? (I recognize that in this day and also age a simple message password wish for POP misbehaves, yet I have no control over this web server) Based on a package trace it resembles Mail 5.0 do...
2019-12-05 03:32:25

No means to disable Mission Control motion?

Not exactly sure if this is a bug or otherwise in OS X Lion. By transforming default motion of goal control to make use of 4 fingers, which appears to me does not function. It does not disable it when I uncheck the motion alternative either. I miss out on the room id symbol on taskbar and also 3 fingers left swipe for in reverse.
2019-12-05 03:32:16

Is it feasible to reorder spaces in Lion?

I would certainly anticipate 'Mission Control' to permit me to drag spaces in a particular order (with the exemption of the 'Dashboard' room), yet this does not feel like an alternative. This would certainly be specifically valuable when re - getting complete - screen applications : as an example, opening up iCal and afterwards opening up Mail ...
2019-12-05 03:30:19

How will the OSX Lion upgrade influence my Win 7 bootcamp arrangement?

And also what are points to look out for based upon previous upgrades?
2019-12-05 03:30:04

Can I assign a motion to Mission Control on an older MacBook?

I have an older MacBook (2006) that I intend to make use of the 4 finger swipe to enable goal control. It is not the glass trackpad, yet it does have 2 finger scrolling. Exists any kind of means to enable this?
2019-12-05 03:28:36

Can Time Machine quantities be conveniently secured with FileVault 2?

Since File Vault 2 can secure the whole disk and also secure exterior drives, can I have a totally encrypted Time Machine quantity?
2019-12-05 03:26:56