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Create and also disperse printers

Is there a means to create a printer on an equipment. After that dress the Printer package and also create an installer from it for numerous customers at an area. To stay clear of needing to clarify per customer just how to install a network printer? This is just one of those venture concerns. (10.6 especially ... at the very least for the next...
2019-12-06 14:37:48

Why is documents sharing missing out on from sharing choices?

Submit sharing is not an alternative for me under 'sharing'. The photo over highlights the absence of documents sharing, yet I do have the adhering to things : dvd or cd sharing screen sharing scanner sharing remote login remote monitoring remote apple occasions bluetooth sharing Any suggestion why particular macs have various thing...
2019-12-05 17:18:24

Change an application from "all users" to "this customer only"

I've gotten on my mac for a long time currently, making use of just a solitary account (mine). I've included a new make up my partner lately (yes it is buckling down), yet I have a little trouble. I'm a physicist and also consequently make use of a great deal of domain name - details applications (matlab, macvim, latex, ...) which my partner d...
2019-12-04 01:25:55

When sharing schedules on iCloud, just how do I show other individuals that I'm inhabited, yet not why?

Since I will have the ability to share iCal schedules (as an example on iCloud, MobileMe), for occasions that are noted as exclusive exists a means to make other individuals just see that I am inhabited at a particular time yet not why ? Can I in some way make an occasion exclusive? If this still will not be feasible, what is the existing wor...
2019-12-04 00:36:45

Why does OS X protect against accessibility to a folder if it finishes with words ".service"?

I am sharing a win 7 folder and also attempting to accessibility it from Osx. Every little thing functions yet if the folder is called something finishing with words ".service" the folder is not obtainable anymore, the symbol is transformed and also if I attempt to access it I get the message listed below. If I remove words "ser...
2019-12-04 00:06:57

Using a wi - fi and also an ethernet link at the very same time hence having even more transmission capacity?

Exists a means on OSX or with a 3rd event software program to make use of both a Wi - fi and also an ethernet link, hence having the amount of the link rates? Or possibly making some applications connect to one link and also various other applications connect to the various other? P.S. I do not intend to link one link over the other. P.P.S. Bo...
2019-12-03 06:28:33

Share web links, notes, and also images in between iPhone and also Mac?

Similar to the freshly offered iMessage yet as opposed to simply in between iOS tools, with the Mac also. I've considered Handoff. It can just send web links to the iPhone from the Mac. I've considered Droplr. It calls for public sharing on a Twitter account. Not what I desire. I've been making use of e-mail and also have actually been advise...
2019-12-03 06:25:44

How to make things replicated right into a folder regard its approvals?

I shared a folder of images on my OSX 10.6 MacBook with my better half, that accesses it from her 10.5 MacBook. I developed a make up her and also offered her read/write approvals on the folder (using the Get Info). Nonetheless, when Image Capture unloads new photos right into the folder, they aren't legible or writeable by her. I need to click...
2019-12-02 01:35:31

How do I share my Internet link with an additional MacBook using WLAN?

My MacBook is attached to Internet. I intend to share this link with an additional MacBook using WLAN. Just how do I attain that?
2019-05-30 00:55:42

How can a keyboard be shown to an iPad?

What are the means for both an iMac and also an iPad to share the very same physical keyboard ? If it is feasible to share a normal Apple bluetooth keyboard in between both tools without jailbreaking the iPad, I assume it would certainly be my popular alternative.
2019-05-29 20:06:51

How can I utilize numerous iTunes collections in a LAN to create a workplace jukebox?

Well, most of us have Macs, most of us have iTunes, and also we intend to have the ability to democratically enqueue tracks on among our Macs while having the ability to pick from every person is iTunes collections. Exists such a device?
2019-05-29 18:11:14

How to share my internet link with my xbox 360 slim? (over an ethernet wire)

I have a Mac Mini with Snow Leopard (10.6.7). Currently I intend to share my internet link with my Xbox 360 Slim. (Don't ask why I do not make use of the WLAN in my Xbox). I located a couple of tutorials yet absolutely nothing functioned. The Xbox never ever attaches to the internet. Can any person aid me?
2019-05-29 18:07:19

Photo showing to offline watching for the iPad

I'm seeking a remedy to conveniently share photos with member of the family all over the world. I become aware there are loads of image - sharing websites, yet I'm seeking something that has indigenous iPad compatibility syncing/ vehicle - download offline watching accessibility control straightforward user interface This is focused on g...
2019-05-29 15:23:17

Hiding residence shares on documents sharing computer system

Due to my email back-up software program, I needed to create 'actual' customers on my 10.6.6 install instead that create 'share just' customers. Currently when customers connect to the shares, they see a complete residence folder along with the shares I have arrangement. Exists a means for me to switch off sharing residence folders? EDIT: Wh...
2019-05-29 15:18:41

iTunes Home Sharing: Shares Entire Library Instead of Selected Playlists

I have my master iTunes collection on a Mac Mini, and also I set up Home Sharing to stream my songs and also video clips to my MacBook Pro. When I had iTunes 9, I picked particular playlists to share and also not others, and also points functioned penalty. When I updated to iTunes 10, currently the whole collection turns up on the MacBook Pro. Y...
2019-05-29 12:12:56

Viewing buck indicator shares over Samba on OS X?

I enjoy Finder is constructed - in "connect to web server" capability. It is wonderful, otherwise a little bit surprise! (Those of you that do not find out about it, right - click the Finder symbol in your dock and also struck Connect to Server) So I utilize it to connect to Windows shares on numerous computer systems ; I key in the ad...
2019-05-29 11:15:21

Can't make Home Sharing work with my iPad

I've obtained the most up to date iTunes on my Mac [10.2.1 (1) ], I've downloaded and install iOS4.3 to my iPad, so I've obtained all the software program that should be essential, appropriate? My Apple I.D. and also password have actually both been appropriately entered upon the Mac and also the iPad. Residence Sharing has actually been trigge...
2019-05-29 10:45:49

Options to make use of iPad as remote image watching customer

As it claims here, I can make use of an iPad as a remote image striving customer if I acquire the WD My Book Live NAS. Yet I have an old NAS currently and also I ask yourself if there are any kind of common iPad applications that offer comparable function, yet without constraint on a details NAS? Many thanks.
2019-05-29 10:42:01

Multiple Bluetooth Speakers

1) Is it feasible to result the audio over a2dp to numerous speakers all at once? 2) Is it feasible to transform the audio result to A2DP speakers straight from iTunes or do I need to transform the system choices every single time? Many thanks.
2019-05-29 10:31:58

How can I enable DVD or CD Sharing with the Firewall on?

I'm attempting to enable "DVD or CD Sharing" in the System Preferences. When I enable it, it claims that the Firewall is obstructing it. If I enter into the Security > Firewall setups, I see that the first thing under Advanced ... is "DVD or CD Sharing" which it is readied to "Allow inbound links". If I disable ...
2019-05-23 13:41:49