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How can I damage a relentless organization between.xcodeproj documents and also Xcode 4.2 beta?

I've obtained Xcode 4.0.2 mounted in/ Developer, and also the Xcode 4.2 beta in/ XcodeBeta. My trouble is that the.xcodeproj documents type is currently related to Xcode 4.2 and also I can not transform it to Xcode 4.0.2. I've attempted the common point of doing Get Info on an.xcodeproj documents, picking Xcode (4.0.2) in the Open with : fall ...
2019-12-06 14:37:28

How do I set the production time of a documents?

I have a manuscript that transforms a documents to an additional layout, and also I desire the resulting documents to have the very same timestamps as the initial, consisting of the production time (as revealed by ls -lU). I can make use of touch to set the accessibility and also alteration time, yet I do not see a means to set the production t...
2019-12-05 03:10:56

How to delete Windows "locked" documents?

My close friend offered me a USB key that has Windows Viruses on it. On my mac, when I attempt to delete them it falls short and also informs me that those documents are "locked". I ran an anti - infection, which additionally was incapable to delete them for the very same factor.
2019-12-04 01:29:06

How to tailor "Kind"s in the Finder

Is there a means to tailor the Kinds in the Finder at all? I would certainly such as to set up my very own personalized kinds to make it less complicated to arrange documents in Finder sights. I recognize that I can make use of the Get Info scheme to tailor which application opens up a documents yet that is not specifically what I'm speaking a...
2019-12-03 06:32:53

How do I create documents in Finder without Terminal?

On windows, when you right click after that you have alternative to create documents. I intend to do that also on Mac, just how can I do that without incurable ?
2019-12-02 03:04:40

Any means to make numerous documents stop concealing their expansion?

Just how can I make numerous documents show their expansion simultaneously? Any kind of finder setup and/or terminal command would certainly behave.
2019-12-02 02:22:06

Choose a default application for opening up documents without expansion?

Is it feasible to set a default application to open documents with no expansion? I'm not describing documents with surprise expansions, yet those entirely doing not have an expansion - - as an example README, CHANGELOG, mbox, etc "Open With" = > "Change All" on these documents does not function, returning the mistake rev...
2019-12-02 01:23:59

Parallels Desktop is utilizing my residence directory site for a VMs residence directory site

I have actually mounted Windows Vista on a Parallels Desktop digital equipment on my MacBook Air. Yet it appear that my Windows Vista residence directory site is saved in my Mac OS X residence directory site. E.g. at my Mac OS X residence directory site /Users/jonas/ I additionally have my Vista folders: Documents/ Applications/ Desktop/ Down...
2019-05-30 02:17:19

New File Action in Finder

Why finder does not have 'New File', yet 'New Folder'? Exists any kind of way/tool for having 'New File' in Finder? ADDED Pathfinder gives the attribute of making 'New File'. I require this function in Finder.
2019-05-30 01:19:14

How can I transform the area which Anki makes use of to conserve documents?

The program Anki conserves its information to the Documents folder. I would love to relocate this folder to my Dropbox folder. Anki has no setups which permits you to transform the area that information is saved. Exists any kind of means to relocate this folder to an additional area and also factor Anki to the new folder using Mac OS X? I attem...
2019-05-29 22:08:04

How can I protect against Excel from opening up recouped files?

I however attempted to open a couple of Excel files that have massive quantities of information. After 20 mins they were closed yet, so I did a pressure gave up. The trouble currently is that when I release Excel, the program intends to open all the files that were opening up when I did the pressure gave up, which hangs Excel and also brings me...
2019-05-29 21:42:49

How to deal with grey documents in Finder?

Exists any kind of means to compel Finder to rejuvenate its in - usage details for grey (hard to reach) documents? Information: I relocate occasionally made use of documents from my Mac (OS X 10.6) to a Windows Server 2008 documents web server. I have actually lately located a lot of documents which OS X is Finder programs as grey (like it wou...
2019-05-29 20:27:54

What documents contrast device can I make use of under OS X?

My favored documents contrast device was Beyond Compare yet given that I lately switched over to OS X, i'm no more able to utilize it and also I'm seeking a choice, ideally a free one. Update: I made the blunder not to define that I am additionally seeking a device that does directory contrast, not just documents. Due to the fact that this coul...
2019-05-29 19:48:56

What orthodox documents supervisor for OS X could I make use of?

I'm seeking a visual file manager fro OS X, for console Midnight Commander is alright. I require 2 panels, function keys procedures and also ideally FTP and also SCP assistance. Additionally, it would certainly be wonderful to be free.
2019-05-29 19:30:01

just how can I relocate numerous files simultaneously?

I'm actually new to Macs, and also locating documents procedures to be actually irritating after Linux. If I have a Finder window open with 5 files that I intend to relocate to a various folder, I can select all 5 (change - click for adjoining or command - click for non), yet when I attempt to regulate - drag them to a new area, it deselects alm...
2019-05-29 18:58:21

AppleScript "Open With ..." icon

I've created an AppleScript application that I make use of to open particular documents with (it sends them to Vim in the Terminal). I would certainly such as to set all my.Tex documents to instantly open with this application. The trouble is this transforms the documents symbols to the empty documents icon. Exists a means to transform the ap...
2019-05-29 16:31:47

exists free OS X equal to Total Commander?

exists free matching to Total Commander for OSX? 2 panels drag & go down tabs etc ect I located DoubleCommander the most effective yet OSX port has its pests. muCommander behaves also yet not like DoubleCommnader.
2019-05-29 10:33:52

How can I stop QuickTime from opening up WMV installs?

Just how can I stop QuickTime from opening up WMV installs?
2019-05-29 09:46:05

What does the "Stationery Pad" alternative do?

Under the General area of a documents is File Info, there is a checkbox for Stationery Pad and also Locked. The Locked alternative is rather uncomplicated, yet what does Stationery Pad do?
2019-05-23 23:54:39

Where are Services saved?

I developed a solution making use of Automator and also saw that it developed a .workflow documents in ~/Library/Services. Is this the very same documents that takes care of the solution that I see under (Application is Name) > Services? If so, does that mean that I can add or remove .workflow documents straight because folder and also have ...
2019-05-23 14:37:42