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Ackermann function

I have problem with an inquiry i require to make use of the function of Ackermann, I require to show that Ack (2,3) = 9. A(2,3) A(1,A(2,2)) A(1,A(1,A(2,1))) A(1,A(1,A(1,A(2,0)))) A(1,A(1,A(1,A(1,1))))) A(1,A(1,A(1,A(0,A(1,0)))))) A(1,A(1,A(1,A(0,A(0,1)))))) A(1,A(1,A(1,A(0,2)))) A(1,A(1,A(1,3))) A(1,A(1,A(0,A(1,2))) A(1,A(1,A(0,A(0,A(1,1))))) A(...
2022-07-04 14:56:36

Ackermann Function primitive recursive

I am reading the wikipedia page on ackermann's function, And I am having trouble understanding WHY ackermann's function is an example of a function which is not primitive recursive. I understand that the ackermann function terminates, and thus is a total function. So why is it not primitive recursi...
2022-07-02 23:13:30