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Time complexity of algorithm computing averages

I am new, and wanted to see if someone can help me. What is the running time of your algorithm (below) with respect to the variable $n$? Give an upper bound of the form ${\cal O}(f(n))$ and a lower bound of the form $\Omega(g(n)).$ Can you characterize the asymptotic running time by by some $\Theta(h(n))$? The algorithm: Input: $A[1 \ldots n]...
2022-07-13 22:51:32

Pretty simple question about running time

What is the tiniest value of $n$ such that an algorithm whose running time is $100n^2$ runs much faster than an algorithm whose running time is $2^n$ on the very same equipment?
2022-07-10 04:44:01

The tricky time complexity of the permutation generator

I faced complicated concerns in computer time intricacy of the permutation generator algorithm, and also had wonderful trouble encouraging a close friend (experienced in Theoretical CS) of the legitimacy of my thinking. I would certainly such as to clarify this below. Complicated intricacy inquiry Given a favorable integer $n$, what is the ...
2022-06-27 14:10:35

Is this time complexity example correct?

This is possibly not the most effective worded inquiry yet below goes. I've read a message publication attempting to get my head around time intricacy. I recognize one of the most of it, yet this instance has actually tossed me. Am I missing out on something or is the book merely incorrect. It has the adhering to table: $g(n)$, where $f(n) =...
2022-06-10 17:16:09

non time constructible functions

A function $T: \mathbb N \rightarrow \mathbb N$ is time constructible if $T(n) \geq n$ and also there is a $TM$ $M$ that calculates the function $x \mapsto \llcorner T(\vert x\vert) \lrcorner$ in time $T(n)$. ($\llcorner T(\vert x\vert) \lrcorner$ represents the binary depiction of the number $T(\vert x\vert)$.) Instances for time - construc...
2022-06-08 22:22:51

Computer Algorithm Running Time Calculation

I have the adhering to pseudocode to identify the approximate running time of. Any person able to aid yet please clarify each action and also factor. many thanks beforehand int m = n; while (m > 0) for k= 1 to m //dowork ---- CONSTANT m = floor(m/2) Another Algorithm I would certainly value a break down of please. Jus...
2022-06-08 14:54:40

Quicksort Running Time

I am attempting to rejuvenate my expertise (and also with any luck discover more) concerning Algorithm Analysis. I took a training course on this 2 years ago yet I am attempting to capture up on what I had actually found out at that time. The means I am dealing with it is by doing workouts from the timeless message Introduction to Algorithms, 2...
2022-06-04 22:28:42