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calculating angle in circle

How to compute angle in a circle. Please see the layout to understand what I intend to compute? I have beginning of circle that is $(x_1,x_2)$. I have a factor on condition of circle that is $(x_2,y_2)$. Additionally I recognize the distance of circle that is R. How to compute the angle in between these 2 lines - - line beginning with beginning...
2022-07-01 17:11:11

Determine angle $x$ using only elementary geometry

Using just primary geometry, establish angle x. You might not make use of trigonometry, such as sines and also cosines, the regulation of sines, the regulation of cosines, etc.
2022-06-10 13:04:55

We have angle=arctan(dy/dx), but what happens when dx=0?

Here is a formula: $\text{angle}=\arctan(dy/dx)$. I can locate an angle with my calculator for any kind of value other than $dx=0$. My inquiry is: exists no angle or, exists something that claims when $dx=0$ the angle is located in different ways?
2022-06-05 20:43:00