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Is it wrong to tell children that $1/0 =$ NaN is incorrect, and should be $∞$?

I got on television and also heard a papa doubting his children concerning mathematics. The youngsters were possibly concerning 11 or 12 years of ages. After numerous extra ordinary inquiries he asked his little girl what $1/0$ reviewed to. She mentioned that it had no solution. He asked that informed her that and also she claimed her educator....
2022-07-25 17:45:56

Collaborative modular exponentiation

EDIT: Rephrased. I have, stored somewhere, the values $a$ , $Q$, $N_1$ (plus its factor) and $a^{2Q} \mod N_1$. I also know $b$, $R$ and $N_2$ (but not its factors). I want to know whether there is a calculation someone else can do (without knowing $b$, for example mixing it with $a$) such that the result will let me find $b^{2R} \mod N_2$ more ...
2022-07-25 17:13:52

Is the infinite root of any number equal to $1$?

I was fooling around in IRB and also I determined to make a $n^{th}$ origin function and also saw that for large origins of numbers, the solution constantly merges to $1$. It has actually been a while given that I have actually done any kind of collaborate with boundless collection yet can a person clarify why this is, or supply an evidence. (Th...
2022-07-25 17:12:57

Will Division by Zero be Defined Eventually?

Possible Duplicate: ¢ Division by $0$ I've constantly been inclined to think that x/0 = NaN is a placeholder for a personality or constant that no person has actually developed yet. I recognize think that none of you can inform the future, yet exists an assumption that a person will at some point (efficiently) specify department by absolut...
2022-07-25 16:45:22

simplifying formula $\frac{(k-1)(k-1 +1) (2(k-1)+1)}6$

I'm attempting to recognize my book is instance (it becomes part of a mathematical induction trouble) and also I simply do not get just how the writer took care of to streamline this formula: $$\frac{(k-1)(k-1 +1) (2(k-1)+1)}6 = \frac{(k-1) k(2k - 1)}6$$ Could any person clarify in straightforward actions just how they obtained from the...
2022-07-25 12:53:20

Multiplication convention rules

Student was asked to transform the adhering to declaration right into reproduction layout $$7+7+7+7+7+7$$ She created the solution as $7\times 6=42$ and also was significant incorrect as the educator anticipated $6\times 7=42$. Exists any kind of regulation that can make clear the solution layout? The very same with transforming a reproduction...
2022-07-25 12:38:28

How many times can you halve a number?

Is there an formula stating the number of times you would have to halve a number to reduce it to some value less than or equal to $1$? For example, for $6$ it takes three halvings: $6/2=3$, $\ 3/2=1.5$, $\ 1.5/2=0.75$. Also, is there a representation using the floor function in conjunction? For example, for $6$ it takes two halvings if we rou...
2022-07-25 07:51:04

percentage calculation

I know how to calculate percentage; but the reason I am posting this question is, I might have misunderstood the question itself. We have the following question from research methodology: In a survey of students involving the following variables: Student Name, Age, Gender, Height, Weight, Eye color, Hair color, and Marital status. What...
2022-07-25 07:18:22

Can I deduce marital status after observing person

Possible Duplicate: ¢ percentage calculation After reinterpret this inquiry percentage calculation I have suggestion that, by observing individual not just name I can not, yet additionally marriage standing I can not reason, so address would certainly be $2/8*100=25$ %, sorry for duplicating inquiry, (tomorrow I have midterm so needed to kno...
2022-07-24 06:40:51

Skipping and percentage

How to compute the amount of skips I require to make to get a percent. i.e. Let is claim I have 13 million apples and also I am experiencing every one checking and also every 10 apple I position it in a various pail, at the end I wind up with a pail with 10% of the initial variety of apples. The amount of apples do I require to miss to get 20%...
2022-07-24 06:40:37

Binary division - find a remainder

I have trouble in locating the rest of the next expression: 111010011/1101. What I did: 111010011/1101 1101 --------- 001100 1101 --------- 0001101 1101 --------- 0000 So the rest is 0 (which is not proper). Where did I fail?
2022-07-24 06:38:15

Representing a square root as a fraction?

How do I confirm that, as an example, $\sqrt{3}>\frac{153}{90}$? I can not represent it in otherwise than routine portion and also revealing by "Hey, consider the calculator, it is bigger!" does not resemble an excellent suggestion Representing as a distinction of various other powers additionally does not appear to function. Ju...
2022-07-24 03:43:17

How to avoid arithmetic mistakes?

When managing numerous numbers and also lengthy formulas, it prevails to make reckless arithmetic blunders that offer the incorrect solution. I was asking yourself if any person had pointers to capture these blunders, or perhaps much better prevent them regularly. (in addition to the noticeable examining your job - that is a have to)
2022-07-24 03:36:34

Proving a polynomial inequality over the real numbers. $x^{16}-x^{11}+x^6-x+1>0$

Prove that $x^{16}-x^{11}+x^6-x+1>0$ for $x\in R$. So I considered something similar to this: $$x^{10}(x^6-x)+x^6-x>-1$$ $$(x^{10}+1)(x^6-x)>-1$$ But it appears to not be way too much helpful. While the first brace is constantly favorable, the last can not be (or I do not recognize just how to do this) conveniently changed...
2022-07-24 03:33:05

How can I write an algorithm to perform the following calculation exactly? (references accepted)

Given all-natural numbers $N, K, m, C$, with $3^{m/3}K>C$, I intend to have the ability to write an algorithm to specifically calculate the number $$ \left\lceil \log_3 \left(\frac{N}{3^{m/3}K-C}\right) \right\rceil $$ Since I assume I see just how to specifically contrast an integer versus this number, there is the unimportant method ...
2022-07-22 15:31:53

"the product of the factors" versus "the factors of the product"

Could someone please contrast and also contrast the definitions of both phrases: "the item of the factors" and also "the variables of the product." In regards to sharing property. Thanks.
2022-07-22 12:45:09

Stuck on simple proving

Prove that $\frac{1}{2}-\frac{1}{3}+\frac{1}{4}-\frac{1}{5}+\frac{1}{6}-\cdots-\frac{1}{2009}+\frac{1}{2010}&lt\frac{3}{8}$ Oh my, I really feel embarrased for not recognizing just how to address such a primary trouble yet I'm actually stuck on this set. I suggest - I attempted organizing them (I suggest - these couple with minus in - in be...
2022-07-22 12:43:32

A scheme to uniquely identify two integers using a single integer, with a very cheap conversion?

Assume there is a static max of N for either value, such that X <= N and Y <= N. I would like a function such that: func(X0,Y0) != func(X1,Y1) for all values IFF: 1. X0,Y0,X1,Y1 <= N 2. X0 != X1 and Y0 != Y1 3. X0 != Y1 and Y0 != X1 So to be clear, func(X,Y) = func(Y,X). The result of this function should be an integer, and...
2022-07-22 12:34:29

Efficient base conversion with limited precision

I recognize just how to transform the fractional component of a number to a various radix, yet I ask yourself if there is a means to do it extra successfully when just a minimal quantity of substantial figures after the radix factor is called for in the outcome. Intend you have a number in base, claim, 3, with a great deal of figures after the ...
2022-07-22 12:01:00

Not sure how to do binary division

I saw this inquiry in my textbook: does not look right. From what I understand: 110101 right into 101000110100000. 110101 can not enter into 101000, so you expand it by one, after that do 110101into 1010001, no? I'm overwhelmed and also I do not recognize just how to execute this details inquiry I link to.
2022-07-22 11:59:27