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Advice for writing good mathematics?

It is been a (much - brought, perhaps) objective of mine to some day write a mathematics Textbook. I've been thinking of creating this inquiry for some time, yet reviewing an exceptionally sub-par message on Mathematical Modeling has actually ultimately prompted me. In numerous paragraphs, I have currently seen countless adjustments I would cert...
2022-07-11 20:37:56

Is it bad math style to use the same index symbol in different indexed objects?

The title says it all (I'm referring to the case, when writing for example an article to be published or something similar - something where the writing itself should also be of quality). Example: "Let $A_1,A_2,\ldots,A_n$ be subsets of a set $L$ and $f:L\rightarrow L$. Then define $B=\cup_{i=0}^n A_i$ and $C=\cup_{i=1}^{\infty} f^i (A_2)$,...
2022-07-11 03:28:54

Basic guidance to write a mathematical article.

I'm attempting to create a mathematical write-up on just how to get particular boundless collection for some well well-known features by a method of integrals (I such as to call it "The Integral Method" - thank you), and also I'm stuck on the framework of it. I have the adhering to obscure suggestions. It needs to start by clarifying...
2022-07-10 02:01:43

Why does drawing $\square$ mean the end of a proof?

To end an evidence, I usually write "as was to be shown" or "q.e.d". Both of these terms make good sense to me as a viewers. On the various other hand, I really feel a little weird to take down $\square$ although I saw it sometimes occasionally. Actually, I found out $\square$ notation below. I ask yourself if any person can ...
2022-06-09 11:31:56

Book about technical and academic writing

I'm in the procedure of creating my Master is Thesis on robot concept. The writing has to remain in English which isn't my native tongue. So the inquiry is, considered that this is my very first time lengthy (hundred web pages) creating and also given that English is a 2nd language for me, what is guide you advise for scholastic creating design?...
2019-05-18 18:35:25