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Anything to share a printer from 32 - little bit to 64 - little bit Windows?

I've obtained a printer which just has 32 - little bit vehicle drivers, so it is mounted on a 32 - little bit equipment (XP). I require it to look like a printer (with duplex control etc) on a 64 - little bit equipment (Vista). I can not simply share it making use of Windows printer sharing due to the fact that the 64 - little bit customer cal...
2019-12-06 14:37:27

Memory troubles - Server 2003 64addresses 3.2 gb just. Intel 945G

We've obtained a development/test web server running Windows web server 2003 64bit, typical version with SP2. (it additionally has twin boot to the 32bit version) How can I detect troubles with memory? I'm stressed we've obtained a damaged stick of RAM, yet I intend to examine I have not simply missed out on a config setup someplace prior to I ...
2019-12-06 14:15:41

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS vs 9.04 for 64 bit server

I'm establishing a new server and also am questioning in between the LTS and also most recent variations. I generally run the latest things (my existing server for which this is a substitute is most recent), yet I desire 64 bit this moment (great deals of RAM!). I desire security yet I additionally desire points to simply function, and also 64 ...
2019-12-05 17:15:22

Windows Vista Business does not react on browse

I have Windows Vista Business (64 - Bit) as running system and also when I attempt to surf something in some folders panorama comes under the "Not responding" instance occasionally. Does any person run into a trouble like that or have a suggestion to remedy?
2019-12-02 03:00:45

Why do I require to enable Memory Remapping?

I simply constructed a new (ish) equipment and also I stuck 6 jobs of RAM right into it. I determined to offer the RC of Windows 7 (64bit) a shot. As I was utilizing it I saw the equipment claimed it had 6 jobs of ram, yet just 5 was useful. This drove me a little nuts due to the fact that it had the ability to identify 6 jobs. And also it plain...
2019-12-02 02:20:50

SQL Server 2005 on 64 - little bit, Memory > 3GB

Does AWE aid on a 64 - little bit web server? The alternative is still readily available. Does it do anything?
2019-05-29 21:05:57

PHP Configuration documents will not load IIS7 x64

making use of Fast CGI I can not get it to read the php.ini documents. See my phpinfo listed below. System Windows NT WIN-PAFTBLXQWYW 6.0 build 6001 Build Date Mar 5 2009 19:43:24 Configure Command cscript /nologo configure.js "--enable-snapshot-build" "--enable-debug-pack" "--with-snapshot-template=d:\php-sdk\snap_5_2\...
2019-05-23 19:58:01

Has any person took care of to install an HP All - In - One printer on 64 - little bit Windows

I'm attempting to set up an HP All - In - One printer (6310) on a 64 - little bit Windows 7 system. The arrangement for the vehicle driver software program runs OK, yet falls short to connect to the printer throughout the network. I have not attempted USB due to the fact that this printer persuades Ethernet with the various other computer system...
2019-05-23 19:32:03

Correct strategy to locate application in 32 and also 64 bit variations of Vista/Windows 7 from CMD.EXE

BACKGROUND I have an existing CMD manuscript that functions penalty. It releases an application from PROGRAM FILES thus "%PROGRAMFILES%\MyApp\app.exe" PROBLEM it functions penalty on 32 - little bit variations of Windows (Vista, Windows 7) yet on 64 - little bit variations of Windows the application will certainly be mounted rig...
2019-05-23 17:27:23

\ Program Files vs. \ Program Files (x86) in 64 - Bit Windows

What are factors to have different folders besides to conveniently identify 32 little bit photos from 64 bit photos?
2019-05-23 11:43:21

Running traveler as 32 little bit on Windows 7 64 bit

How can you run a 32 little bit variation of traveler on 64 bit windows 7 x64? This is to permit tortoisehg to function. I've attempted running "c: \ home windows \ syswow64 \ traveler/ different" and also it simply begins an additional variation of the 64 bit traveler.
2019-05-23 03:46:43

Can Hyper - V Server work on Windows XP 32 - little bit with a 64 - little bit cpu?

I am attempting to get a Virtual Instance of Windows 2008 R2 ranging from my laptop computer. My laptop computer has a 64 - little bit cpu and also is running 32 - little bit Windows XP. I have hardware DEP and also hardware virtualization (though I do not actually recognize what these mean). I attempted Virtual COMPUTER yet it can not run a 64...
2019-05-23 02:24:59

Is there a difference in between 64 bit and also 32 bit regedit?

This inquiry is asked out of complete lack of knowledge and also no accessibility to a 64 bit windows equipment, yet I would love to recognize whether there is anything unique that requires to be thought about pertaining to a 64 - little bit computer system registry and also whether there is a regedit64 the means there was a regedit32.
2019-05-19 07:42:03

RAM disk for Vista 64 - little bit

I have a workstation with 8GB RAM running Vista 64 - little bit. I would certainly such as to attempt running some tiny web server VMs in a digital RAM disk to see just how much performance boosts. I have not made a RAM disk given that my DOS days, so I do not recognize if the alternative still exists. Just how do I obtained concerning developi...
2019-05-13 08:00:02

Vista x64 - seeking 64bit authorized bluetooth drivers for Broadcom BCM2045 chipset

I'm seeking 64bit authorized bluetooth drivers for Broadcom BCM2045 chipset. Drivers readily available for [AirLive BT - 201USB ] (http://www.aienter code = PD1217409688986) based upon this chipset have actually 64bit variation yet aren't authorized and also consequently I can not install them on Vista ...
2019-05-13 05:07:55

Windows 7 RC1 (x64) and also Trend Micro OfficeScan

Our IT dept is mosting likely to make use of 7rc1 * * (7100) * * 64 bit. However we are having a concern with OfficeScan. On install effort it is claiming we require to be participant is of Administrators. I checked and also we are. Additionally, UAC is switched off. We had the ability to utilize it under construct 7000 of the BETA today, nadd...
2019-05-13 04:27:34

Administrator File Modification Privilege

Windows Server 2008 evidently permits an application to in some way set up the folder to make sure that any kind of adjustments made within the folder call for manager degree accessibility. I login with an account that has manager advantages, yet is not the neighborhood manager account. When I do so I locate that I can not conserve adjustments t...
2019-05-13 04:20:12

64 - little bit Cisco VPN customer (IPsec)?

Cisco VPN customer (IPsec) does not sustain 64bit Windows. Worse, Cisco does not also intend to release a 64 - little bit variation, rather they claim that " For x64 (64 - little bit) Windows assistance, you have to make use of Cisco is next - generation Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client." Cisco VPN Client Introduction Cisco VPN Client ...
2019-05-13 01:50:57

Which linux variation to install: i386 or x64?

Speaking about convenience of maintanence/ software program assistance does it matter what variation of linux i386 or x64 variation is mounted? Web server clearly is 64 bit nonetheless i ask yourself if coping with 64bit OS would certainly add anymore discomfort when it involves locating software program updates and also software program instal...
2019-05-13 00:38:56

Is there any kind of means to play quicktime mov documents on Vista X64 natively

Does any person recognize of a x64 directshow filter mix that can playing MOV documents in Vista X64 when Media Player is running in X64 setting? I've attempted numerous its obtaining rather irritating. HAALI and also MPC can divide things yet however only result audio, there is an obscure opportunity that double-quick time choice will certainl...
2019-05-12 23:11:37