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How to get an EC2 Windows equipment is instance - id right into a set variable

I have a batch file that I would certainly such as to work on start-up of an EC2 Windows AMI. The program I would certainly such as to range from that batch file takes the instance - id of the EC2 equipment as a parameter. What is the most basic means to get that Instance ID passed as an argument to that program? From Amazon's Documentation o...
2019-12-06 14:37:21

How to create OpenSolaris self package quantity on EC2

I'm making use of OpenSolaris 2008.11 on EC2. I intend to create self package. in ubuntu sudo ec2-bundle-vol -d /mnt -k $EC2_PRIVATE_KEY -c $EC2_CERT --fstab /etc/fstab --user $AWS_ACCUNT_ID -r i386 yet OpenSolaris does not have/ etc/fstab Do you recognize?
2019-12-03 05:50:58

Why is FC8 AMI larger than FC6?

I've been making use of an Amazon EC2 photo (AMI) based upon Fedora Core 6 for a long period of time currently, yet I would love to upgrade to FC8 or FC10. The trouble is, when I experienced the superb upgrade instructions at and also re - packed, I wound up with an AMI that had actually expanded from 1.9 GB to 2.4 GB. In a simila...
2019-05-23 19:10:17

EC2 attach quantity

I am attempting to attach a quantity to an instance making use of the cli: ec2-attach-volume 'vol-id' -i `curl` -d /dev/sdh But this falls short with the message: +----------------------------+---------------------------------------------+ | Code | ...
2019-05-23 16:38:51

How to secure website traffic in between 2 Amazon EC2 circumstances?

We are constructing an internet application making use of Amazon EC2 circumstances running Linux. All the website traffic to the customer internet browser is secured with SSL. What need to be made use of to secure the website traffic in between the circumstances. The website traffic will certainly include links to a MySQL data source from Tomca...
2019-05-23 03:06:43

Load Balance Web Farm on EC2

I have a Windows IIS internet ranch on EC2 that I'm considering my load balancing alternatives for? Any kind of pointers? Now I'm making use of a Linux instance running HAproxy.
2019-05-13 05:27:41

System Image Recipes?

I've obtained a reduced variety of EC2 circumstances took care of, yet an also lower time-budget to invest maintaining them upgraded and also having the ability to turn out new circumstances for examinations and also application upgrades. I require to be able to conveniently automate the AMI structure, to make sure that from a specified checklis...
2019-05-07 00:07:07

Instantly Port Xen Images to EC2

I have a disk photo that is running under Xen now and also I would certainly such as to port it to Amazon's EC2. Just how can I do this in such a way that is as straightforward as feasible? I've obtained a manuscript that can construct the ended up photo from an all new photo if this aids.
2019-05-04 17:33:03