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Changing the log turning cycle

On my Linux/Apache web server the access_log logs are revolved to make sure that the logs from the last 5 days are maintained (access_log.1, access_log.2, etc) How do I transform this system in order to maintain greater than 5 days?
2019-12-06 14:37:35

How to enable internet - dav with common organizing?

I give common internet - organizing for my consumers. PHP collaborates with rapid - cgi, ftp accessibility is additionally no worry. Yet just how do I enable internet - dav for my consumers? Every consumer has its very own uid and also gid. Apache makes use of for webdav its very own uid/gid.
2019-12-06 14:07:11

mod_dav_svn customer approval on the database

I had simply construct subversion database with apache mod_dav_svn plugin, so the dev group can do any kind of versioning procedure with common port of httpd. it functions fairly efficiently, they did checkout/update/commit procedure from various other network till they located the trouble when accessibility the web server ssh - ly to execute so...
2019-12-06 14:06:45

which instruction in apache is conf establishes comedian - type from documents expansion?

History :So in an effort to find out apache, Im adhering to in addition to the workouts in guide "Apache : The clear-cut guide". As component of these workouts, we are incrementally accumulating the httpd.conf documents. Trouble : my html is obtaining acted as plaintext. The comedian - type is plain\text despite the fact that the ...
2019-12-06 13:58:57

Recommended arrangement to offer both HTTPS & HTTP links to a pylons internet - application

I'm seeking a straightforward means to offer my pylons application in both HTTP & HTTPS (for the management area). I had actually found some tutorials on offering pylons applications via an Apache internet - web server yet I do not require that sort of expenses for something so straightforward. This obtained me assuming, is it feasible to do...
2019-12-06 13:56:39

Dealing with referrer spam

One of our key webservers, which runs Apache on Ubuntu, is coming under fire from lots of referrer SPAM demands recently. There suffices of this that it is actually gobbling our net transmission capacity. Just how do others manage this and also obstruct it? Update : OK, many thanks to Kevin, I've mounted fail2ban and also am seeing what I ca...
2019-12-06 13:55:57

Best means to relocate apache and also mysql arrangement to new web server?

I simply obtained my new web server arrangement and also in the edge and also remain in the procedure of relocating solutions over to it from my existing box. I require to conform mysql and also apache. What is the most effective means to relocate every little thing over? Simply duplicate over all the apache directory site origins and also the ...
2019-12-06 13:54:07

How to redirect Apache to various ports on a GlassFish web server?

I have a GlassFish instance running various solutions on various ports. An Apache internet server beings in front of the GlassFish, and also I intend to set up digital hosts on Apache to redirect to particular ports on the GlassFish web server. I've included the Tomcat AJP as a jvm - alternative to pay attention on port 8009 and also positioned...
2019-12-06 13:52:37

How do I get Apache to startup at bootime on Linux?

I have actually mounted Apache 2 from resource on my Linux box. apachectl -k start functions simply great, yet just how do I get Apache to start at boot time? This gets on a Red Hat Linux circulation : Linux 2.6.9 - 55. ELsmp # 1 SMP Fri Apr 20_17:03 :35 EDT 2007 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
2019-12-05 03:23:27

Installing Tomcat on CentOS 5

Disclaimer : I am not a server admin, I am a windows customer that has actually lead a life of wicked installation wizards and also drag and also decline I'm trying to install Tomcat on CentOS 5 organized by a MediaTemple committed digital server. I primarily adhered to this guide : Installed jpackage and also set up the yum.repo.d jpackage ...
2019-12-04 00:15:28

How can I see just how much bandwidth each Apache Virtual Host is making use of?

I have actually Apache set up to offer numerous Virtual Hosts, and also I would love to see just how much bandwidth each website makes use of. I can see just how much the whole web server makes use of, yet I would certainly such as extra thorough records. A lot of things I have actually figured out there are for restricting bandwidth to digital...
2019-12-04 00:11:50

What could be creating arbitrary image/css going down, 503 mistakes on a apache/php organizing internet site?

I organize my PHP internet site on common organizing. It is functioned well for a year. Suddenly recently it began to arbitrarily go down photos , occasionally does not load the CSS documents , and also usually obtains 503 mistakes . My carrier claims it is "too much traffic". Yet given that this has actually begun to take place, t...
2019-12-03 23:49:42

Which Apache plan is ideal for mod_wsgi Django application?

In Ubuntu (and also Debian, and also various other distro) there is a couple of Apache plans (mpm - occasion, mpm - prefork, mpm - employee). Which is one of the most ideal for organizing Django mod_wsgi application on solitary CPU web server? Which plan is ideal selection for OpenVZ container?
2019-12-03 06:04:00

Why isn't my PHP installation identified by Apache on Windows XP?

I have actually done the procedure listed below given up for mounting PHP and also Apache. When I start the Apache web server, it is presenting "invalid command PHPIniDir". Just how can I repair this trouble? I intended to find out PHP. When I began mounting I featured this trouble. Modifyi...
2019-12-03 06:00:19

Apache caching with mod_headers mod_expires

I'm working with research for uni and also was wishing a person can make clear something for me. I require to set up the adhering to : Configure the feedback header "Cache - Control" to have a "max - age" value of 7 days given that accessibility for all photo submits Configure the feedback header "Cache - Control"...
2019-12-03 05:52:15

apache prefork/mod _ wsgi generating procedures past arrangement

in a manufacturing setting running nginx turning around back to apache mpm - prefork/mod _ wsgi, im seeing 90 apache youngster procedures, when i would certainly anticipate that 40 would certainly be the maximum, as set up listed below. the configuration/setup is absolutely nothing amazing : nginx is reverse proxying to apache using proxy_pas...
2019-12-03 00:08:53

Apache conf or.htaccess regulation to redirect a 404 to an additional area for a particular documents type

I make use of subversion and also do not intend to look into over 1 GB of photos onto each programmers desktop computer so just how can I simply have one main photo web server and also have apache push 404 is simply from *. jpg as an example to this various other web server
2019-12-03 00:05:44

Apache Processes/Clients per Page View

With Apache, if MaxClients is readied to 150, does that mean Apache will attempt to provide to 150 simultaneous demands, and also line up succeeding demands till all among the 150 customers is readily available to offer? This thinks KeepAlive is off. Additionally, if ServerCount is 2, does this mean that Apache will create 2 circumstances that ...
2019-12-03 00:04:27

Web Designer Permissions on a Production Web Server

Just began collaborating with a tiny team of front - end internet programmers that all login to the committed WHM/Apache manufacturing web server with origin to change customer internet site. They assert they do not intend to need to log right into each of the specific website accounts due to the fact that there are numerous. I'm not a seasoned...
2019-12-03 00:03:11

How to figure out which httpd.conf apache is making use of at runtime

I've constantly battled to find this : How can you ask apache which httpd.conf documents it made use of to load up? It comes to be hard when you have a variety of circumstances of apache operating, or if you have not considered the equipment for a long period of time, and also there are a great deal of httpd.conf documents on disk! Many thanks...
2019-12-02 03:14:49