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What is the far better means to add added web servers for integrity in our instance?

We have the adhering to web servers : A. 1 x internet server running MySQL (a discussion forum) . B. 1 x internet server running RT with Postgres. C. 1 x internet server running a residence expanded application with MonetDB as the backend Now certainly we intend to add a little integrity below by including an added web server per internet serv...
2019-12-06 14:37:41

How can I identify where a link is passing away?

We have a MSSQL data source set up in a collection (fall short - over). It is functioning penalty for its desired objective, yet we can not appear to check schedule using OpsView : check_tcp -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -p 1433 The opsview standing for this is Critical : Connection rejected Is there a means to traceroute to a details port and also dis...
2019-12-04 00:44:34

What takes place if my WHS boot disk or various other equipment part failes?

I was flaunting to several of my carbon monoxide - employees the other day that my Windows Home Server (WHS) had my whole residence network supported which is my recuperation prepare for a fallen short hard drive on among the pc. I was after that asked what I would certainly do if the boot hard drive fell short on the (HP MediaSmart) WHS or if...
2019-12-03 00:12:20

Cisco 2801 as a fall short over?

I have actually lately gotten a Cisco 2801 device and also I need to know if it can working as a fall short over for a network. It presently has an ADSL WIC mounted. We presently run 6 Windows web servers (4x Win2008, 2x Win2000) with TS accessibility for our customers. This runs over a wire modem link. We additionally have an ADSL link which w...
2019-05-30 02:16:14

Proxy failover remedy?

What would certainly be http/ftp proxy failover remedies making use of open source devices? I have one squid proxy web server on digital Linux web server and also require to make a failover web server on an additional one. Proxy has to be configurable by end customers by manually getting in DNS name and also port.
2019-05-23 03:57:53

Cheapest iSCSI SAN for Windows 2008/SQL Server clustering?

Exist any kind of manufacturing - top quality iSCSI SANs ideal for usage with Windows Server 2008/SQL Server for failover clustering? Until now, I've just seen Dell is MD3000i, and also HP is MSA 2000 (2012i), which both are around $6K with a marginal disk arrangement. Buffalo (yea, I recognize), has a $1000 tool with iSCSI assistance, yet they...
2019-05-19 07:55:13

How do you reroute DNS in case of downtime?

We are taking into consideration to self - organizing for a domain name. Just how can we give a web page to site visitors in instance of failing, such as loss of network connection, web server failing or power failing?
2019-05-19 07:14:58

How can I automaticaly transform the DNS A document to aim my website to a second web server in instance of a failing?

My organizing is billing me a $50/month cost to place my web servers on the very same VLAN to make sure that I create a collection making use of the Network Load Balancing attribute. I'm actually not requiring divided the load in between the web servers, I was seeking a very easy means to create a failover circumstance to shield versus web serv...
2019-05-18 22:53:01

Cheap clustering for SQL server

Does any person recognize of a means to imitate a gathered SQL server remedy? We clearly do not intend to invest a great deal of loan prototyping the suggestion, yet we have plenty of PCs readily available. I was simply asking yourself if there was any kind of means I could mislead SQL server right into assuming it's being mounted on gathered ha...
2019-05-07 13:08:11

Mirroring Drives

I would love to mirror a drive in between 2 windows web servers for fall short over/disaster recuperation. I think there is a software for this. What do you make use of?
2019-05-07 13:03:03

On the surface organized proxy server as frontend to inner HTTP server

I will certainly clarify the trouble first ... I have an internal webserver/web-app that is openly obtainable. Our Internet link (Bonded ADSL MAX Premium) is consequently a single-point-of-failure (which has actually been highlighted by some current connection concerns). As a low-priced backup I was considering including a 2nd Internet link (Sta...
2019-05-05 20:47:29

What is one of the most reliable means to arrangement a linux internet server for hand-operated failover

I presently carry out a tiny internet server running ubuntu linux with apache, mysql, and also ssh. I'm backing it up making use of rsync to an additional web server, yet I'm backing it approximately a/ backup directory site. I would certainly such as to have it set up where if the first web server drops I can transform the ip of the 2nd web se...
2019-05-04 00:06:13