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Anything to share a printer from 32 - little bit to 64 - little bit Windows?

I've obtained a printer which just has 32 - little bit vehicle drivers, so it is mounted on a 32 - little bit equipment (XP). I require it to look like a printer (with duplex control etc) on a 64 - little bit equipment (Vista). I can not simply share it making use of Windows printer sharing due to the fact that the 64 - little bit customer cal...
2019-12-06 14:37:27

Sharing a keyboard and also mouse in between networked computer systems

What software program is around that permits a mouse and also keyboard to be shared in between 2+networked computer systems? I find out about Synergy, yet what are the choices? Which do you like the most effective? I'm directly most curious about something suitable with both Mac OS X and also Windows, yet software program that is restricted to...
2019-05-18 22:56:45