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How to locate 2 months old password customers in a Windows domain name?

just how can I look for 2 or 3 months old passwords on a Windows domain name controller? I am a manager on this domain name.
2019-12-06 14:37:46

Looking for FOSS video media web server alternatives

I have a circumstance where a customer is intending to change from a Bitband media web server to something they can have far better control over. Below is the circumstance : windows XP customers (200 npls) making use of WMP11 (or vlc) attaching over 100/ 1000 lan intend to connect to RTSP VOD source. The customer has actually currently invested...
2019-12-06 14:37:34

Anything to share a printer from 32 - little bit to 64 - little bit Windows?

I've obtained a printer which just has 32 - little bit vehicle drivers, so it is mounted on a 32 - little bit equipment (XP). I require it to look like a printer (with duplex control etc) on a 64 - little bit equipment (Vista). I can not simply share it making use of Windows printer sharing due to the fact that the 64 - little bit customer cal...
2019-12-06 14:37:27

How to get an EC2 Windows equipment is instance - id right into a set variable

I have a batch file that I would certainly such as to work on start-up of an EC2 Windows AMI. The program I would certainly such as to range from that batch file takes the instance - id of the EC2 equipment as a parameter. What is the most basic means to get that Instance ID passed as an argument to that program? From Amazon's Documentation o...
2019-12-06 14:37:21

What is a system state backup for?

The windows backup energy features an alternative to backup the system - state. What is this for? Has it an actual energy? Can I recoup that windows on an additional equipment?
2019-12-06 14:36:37

Troubleshooting pointers for USMT?

We have a huge Vista migration underway and also are making use of USMT (User State Migration Tool) to order accounts to prepare for the push, which has actually caused some troubles. Most of the captures continue efficiently nonetheless a substantial minority fall short with some quixotic mistakes, this is regular : Info [...
2019-12-06 14:31:31

Remove Console Tree and also Default to Standard in Services Control Panel

The Windows Services control board by default opens up revealing the console tree left wing and also in extensive setting which eats added room left wing. In order to consider as much details as feasible the first point I do is click the toolbar switch to hide the console and also click the Standard tab near the bottom and also expand the name c...
2019-12-06 14:31:14

How to switch over proxy setups using manuscript?

There are a variety of customers in our company that utilize their laptop computers on numerous networks. Each network has its very own proxy setup needs for accessing the Internet and also presently, the customers have to by hand transform these setups in Internet Settings whenever relocating to a various network. Is it feasible to manuscript ...
2019-12-06 14:30:58

Easy TCP proxy on Windows?

What I desire is to set up a computer system in residence with Windows and also utilize it as a TCP proxy for connect and also course packages from the 80 to port 23 in an additional web server in the Internet
2019-12-06 14:30:33

Connecting with Samba to a Windows Share returns "NT_STATUS_DUPLICATE_NAME"

I have actually set a common directory site on my Windows equipment, and also offered complete control approvals to username @workgroup. When I attempt to connect to the Windows equipment with Linux making use of smbclient, I get the mistake NT_STATUS_DUPLICATE_NAME. Below is the records : $ smbclient -U username -W workgroup -L //windows-mach...
2019-12-06 14:29:59

What is the distinction between.cmd and.bat documents?

Simply interested. "Cool" individuals in our firm constantly make use of *. cmd while no person had the ability to clarify the distinction to me.
2019-12-06 14:16:45

Why does Ubuntu 9.04 reset my Windows clock?

I've obtained a gear with 2 disk drives. I've placed Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) on among the drives and also Windows Vista SP2 works on the various other drive. I selected this strategy as opposed to twin boot given that I intended to have the ability to exchange out the OSes as I please and also simply maintain points tidy and also different. The tr...
2019-12-06 14:14:22

Get windows to settle domain name much less names using dhcp

I have number of windows customers which connect to freebsd pptp vpn (making use of mpd). windows customers obtains ip address and also dhcp web servers from pptp link. The pptp adapter buildings are as adheres to. PPP adapter vpn: Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : Description . . . . . . . . . . . : WAN (PPP/SLIP) Interface Physi...
2019-12-06 14:11:19

Is there a VNC web server for mac with suitable global key-board assistance?

I'm having problem locating a VNC web server for Mac OS X that permits me to connect from a Windows box with German key-board format. I've attempted the constructed - in desktop computer sharing and also numerous variations of Vine yet every one of them had troubles with numerous keys. Does possibly any person find out about a functioning mix o...
2019-12-06 14:07:57

Keeping XDMCP session active via sleep/hibernate

I've obtained the Xming X web server working on Windows. I "view" my Linux desktop on it from another location making use of XDMCP. All of it jobs well, yet if I place my Windows box to rest or hibernate and also return a couple of hrs later on, I've shed my X session (Xming window space) and also I need to close the window and also c...
2019-12-06 14:05:33

How to get system sources to details SQL Server 2005 data sources?

Is it feasible to define a min/max quantity of system sources (Disk IO, Memory, CPU cycles/s) readily available per data source instance inside a SQL Server 2005 web server? This would certainly be the analogue of QoS setups for SQL Servers.
2019-12-06 14:05:30

Monitoring Win2003 box. Web server is not in the very same network

I've been experiencing all the monitoring inquiries, and also also the tiny wiki that participant currently began, yet I can not appear to be able to realize the entire principle of monitoring a remote host. Below is my circumstance : I am a VERY new Sysadmin (shed my previous Electronic Engineering work, require food, nothing else alternative...
2019-12-06 13:56:35

Docking, undocking, shedding tools

Many of my carbon monoxide - employees and also myself have a constant trouble with docking and also undocking our dell note pads. Our firm calls for that we run a wide magazine software program that begins at boot ; yet practically I would certainly not assume that any kind of program needs to create troubles when docking or undocking. Primari...
2019-12-06 13:56:18

What dimension about amount of memory should the web page documents be (in Windows Server 2008)?

I have actually listened to the old suggestions for Windows NT 4 which, if memory offers, was a general rule "memory dimension plus 12 MB" (to make sure that a full dump can be contacted disk). Does any person have any kind of referrals for Windows Server 2003 and also 2008? (Also, while we go to it, what is an excellent swap docume...
2019-12-06 13:50:29

A suitable command - line shell for Windows

Surely a person has actually created a suitable shell for Windows. I'm seeking a) something essentially like the average linux shell (ie. background, conclusion etc) b) something which is a straightforward install (less complicated than Cygwin which really did not appear all that excellent when I attempted it.) Incentive factors if it is : ...
2019-12-06 13:50:15